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  • Rules and Regulations of reservation and cancellation in charter flights (Domestic)

  • Rules and Regulations of reservation and cancellation in scheduled flights (Domestic)

Rules and Regulations of reservation and cancellation in charter flights (Domestic)

  1. Issuing and reception of online ticket is possible just by certain confirmation of payment from the bank.
  2. All processes of ticket purchase on this site is included the current terms of e-commerce and any offend against will be prosecution(with this purchaser express that she/he is awareness of all the terms of buying ticket).
  3. Purchaser should register information completely in all steps of buying or canceling tickets.
  4. General conditions of passengers and luggage transportation: Transportation of passengers and their luggage is depended on terms and limitation of the duties of the airlines approved in Warsaw pact airlines and in act of parliament.
  5. Purchased ticket is just for the passenger that his/her name has been registered in the system and it is non-transferable to others. The passengers will not be accepted if passenger’s name with identification card aren’t matched.
  6. Passenger is responsible for any conflict of accuracy of the information in passport or national card(name, last name, passport number, identification card number, date of birth, expiration date and issue place) and mobile number.
  7. Responsibility of the accuracy and validity of the visa in international paths is related to the passengers.
  8. Probable changes in flight schedule is informed via sms and email; so buyer is responsible for accuracy of mobile number and email.
  9. The maximum time for ticket cancellation in domestic and international flights is four hours before the flight time.
  10. Any changes in domestic flights include fines and fines percent are similar to cancellation conditions.
  11. Refund rules are as following:
    • Till 12 pm, 2 days before flight: 50%
    • Till 12 pm, one day before flight: 70%
    • From 12 pm one day before flight until 480 minutes before the flight: 100%
    • After flight (No Show Passenger): 100%
  12. Online tickets is refundable only from Safarme website, also date change or cancellation process only be done through this website.
  13. If there is delayed more than two hours or flight has been cancelled by airline, with cancellation request of the flight after call, the passenger can get the Payment with stamped ticket offer from intended airline.
  14. After ticket cancellation, that amount is automatically returns to your account. The refund duration is depended on Interbank regulations(24-72 hours).
  15. It is necessary to print the information page of flight path by passenger and give it to reception counter at the airport.
  16. The passenger is ordered to keep the codes declared by system and present them to the flight control officer at the airport.
  17. There is maximum 10 minutes time to pay the cost of purchased seats and pay them via credit card member of SHETAB network.
  18. It is essential that the passengers be present at the domestic and international airports two hours before the flight.
  19. To receive the flight boarding pass, it is necessary to show valid ID card or passport for all the passengers.
  20. If passenger does not submit the right information related to infant and child age, he/she will not be accepted.
  21. The amount of allowed and free luggage is 20Kg for per passenger.

It is simple to reserve the flight in safarme system:

  1. After searching your path you can reserve the flight from Safarme website from flights that have the “Safarme guarantee sign”.
  2. If your reservation and payment process done properly, electronic ticket will be displayed and you can print it by the print icon.
  3. If there is bank failure in the payment process, the amount will be returned in 72 hours to user account.
  4. You should note the reservation code(PNR).
  5. If you have any problem you can call to this numbers: 021-88884251 or 021-88884794.

Rules and Regulations of reservation and cancellation in Scheduled flights (Domestic)

  1. “Safarme” website activities are according to the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran and e-commerce too. All provided services on the website exclusively belongs to “safarme” and any abuse of texts, data, images, designs, logos and maps on this site will result in prosecution. People are permissible to use the articles only by mentioning the name, address and link to the main page of “safarme” website. Using of “safarme” content information in the media is permitted only by receiving written permission of the manager.
  2. The entered personal information by users are confidential with high level of security and “safarme” tries its best to keep and protect them. Therefore, with the purpose of preserving the user's private information, each user is committed not to hack any information from the website and not to cooperate with any real or legal person in this field, besides, if any offence is seen, it should be notified to the administrator of “safarme” as soon as possible.
  3. Users are committed to enter their information in booking and registration steps correctly and completely. The users are responsible for incomplete information.
  4. Users are committed to correct any changes in their personal information as soon as possible and if this reforms are not made, the website would not be responsible for any consequences that will arise of inaccuracy.
  5. “Safarme” website would not share personal information of users with any other organization and only qualified authorities are permitted to use this information according to the mentioned items in rules.
  6. The “Safarme” website provides flight information and online sale but isn’t responsible for any delay, hasten or cancellation of the flight.
  7. Any misuse of “Safarme” website brand, online “Safarme”, correspondence from “Safarme” or using similar names that cause to create confusion because of similarity is forbidden and it will be prosecuted.

Terms and conditions of flight book and purchase

  1. Book and purchase process of “safarme” is according to rules and regulations of e-commerce. Any violations in this case will be prosecuted. In online book or purchase, the user is committed to be totally aware of all the terms and conditions of website.
  2. According to regulations of country airline organization, the airline is responsible for delay, hasten or cancellation at the time of flight.
  3. At the time of registration and reservation, the passenger's name should be entered correctly by English letters. It's not possible to correct the passenger's name after final purchase and “safarme” is not responsible for information that it has been entered incorrectly. So, the passenger should cancel the ticket and repurchase it in order to accurate the information.
  4. The purchased ticket is just for the passenger that his/her name has been registered in the system and it is non-transferable to others.If passenger’s name on ticket doesn't match with his/her name on identification card, she/he will not be accepted.
  5. In country airlines rules, infants who are under 2 years old, children between 2-12 years old and adults are older than 12 years old. In case of carelessness in enter of passenger's age category, the passenger will be prevented from entrance to the plane. By no means, the infant and child’s ticket will not be issued separately from adult.
  6. It is necessary to note that the travel costs of scheduled flights for infant, child, and adult passengers are different, but in charter flights price(non-refundable), child and adult are equal.
  7. After ticket payment and confirm, reservation and purchase become certain and ticket information will be sent to the passenger via email or sms. Upon arriving at the airport, for charter flights, offering a printed copy of the ticket and for scheduled flights, offering the ticket number and identification card to the airport counter is necessary.
  8. According to country airlines rules, any type of ticket cancellation by the passenger includes fine. According to cancellation rules of each airline, the amount of fines are different. After cancel request by the passenger, the fines amount is deducted from the ticket price and the rest of the money returns to the passengers account in online form. Time of money return is about 24 to 72 hours according to the interbank rules. This case isn’t true about charter and non-refundable flights. The cost of these flights are paid entirely.
  9. Flight cancellation or delays for more than 2 hours do not include cancellation fines. In this case, the passenger can fill the online form for no fine refund request
  10. It is worth mentioning that if the round trip flight is done from two different airlines, in case of departure flight cancellation or passenger determent for more than 2 hours delay from the airline, cancellation of return flight may include cancellation fines.
  11. The purchaser is not permitted to modify the ticket content or resale it with higher price.
  12. According to rules of country airline organization, pregnant women, people with heart disease – cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, epilepsy, severe anemia, uncontrolled mellitus diabetes, dialysis or people who are using medications that weaken the immune system and who are having any disease that caused forbidden of air travel are required to have permission of physician while boarding on plane. Also it should be noted that these passengers should have their medicine during travel.
  13. Based on regulations, issuing ticket on the routes of holy shrines for citizens of Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan is not possible and in case of ticket purchasing by this people, they will be responsible for all the consequences.

30 minutes before the flight to the next 30 minutes before flight Up to 3 hours before flight Until 12 pm 1 day prior to departure Until 12 pm 3 day prior to departure Rate ID(class) Airline
40% 40% 40% 20% 20% H-V-Y-C-J IranAir
60% 60% 60% 30% 30% M-Q-O IranAir
100% N IranAir
40% 20% 20% 20% 20% N-Y-S-O Aseman
60% 30% 30% 30% 30% H-L Aseman
100% B Aseman
40% 20% 20% 20% 20% DEZVMQ Aseman
50% 50% 30% 10% 10%   Mahan
50% 50% 20% 20% 20%   Mahan
50% 50% 40% 20% 20% V-M-H-B-Y-S IranAirtour
50% 50% 30% 10% 10% Z-L-Y-B-E Taban
100% U-H Taban
50% 30% 30% 10% 5% Apart from N-R ًQeshmAir
100% N-R QeshmAir
70% 70% 70% 70% 40% K Caspian
60% 60% 60% 60% 30% M Caspian
50% 50% 50% 20% 20% H Caspian
From 12 pm of the day prior to departure until 2 hours prior to flight: 50% 30% 30% All Classes Naft
2 hours prior to departure: 65%
24 hours before the flight to the next: 40% Till 24 hours before the flight: 20% J-C-Y-H-V KishAir
24 hours before the flight to the next: 50% Till 24 hours before the flight: 25% Q-M-N-L-O KishAir
Mahan Cancellation Rules
NOSHOW From 12 pm of prior day until 3 hours before departure Until 12 pm of one day before departure Rate ID
50% 30% 10% X
50% 30% 10% T
50% 30% 10% V
50% 30% 10% Q
50% 30% 10% P
50% 40% 15% L
70% 50% 20% N
70% 40% 30% C
50% 40% 20% I
95% 90% 90% U
95% 90% 90% W
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